Interactive ExerGames Only at Seton LaSalle High School

The Only Summer Camp In The Midwest With ExerGames and Cutting-Edge Sports-Tech For All Ages

See Our ExerGames In Action Below

The Only Camp In The Midwest With ExerGames

Campers Cannot Get Enough Of The Most Popular Games Around. Where Tech Meets Sports!

Watch The Video Below To See ExerGames In Action!

Every Single Attending Camper Will Participate In ExerGames Multiple Times Per Week

ExerGames Is Played In All of Our Camp Programs

Parent Reviews on ExerGames

“My family LOVES the opportunity to participate in your camp’s EXERGAMES. I cannot say in confidence that I entirely know what Exergames is, but I do know that my kids come home everyday from camp sharing stories about throwing balls at the wall to solve problems, play games, race against other teams, and so much more. Great investment for your camp!

John E.

“I had never heard of Interactive fitness games before, but the Exergames you have at camp is a huge attraction for my three girls. The only thing they don’t like is being told they have to leave at the end of the day and therefore, can no longer play Exergames anymore. I guess we will be enrolling in additional camps soon before I need to go out and purchase my own Exergames!”

Martha L.

“Okay, so seriously how come I never was able to play ExerGames as a child. Incredible. So fun and such a great way to keep my children moving in an interactive technology-gaming environment. Their favorite game is the target game and now we have a full-fledged target game in our basement :-). If there is ever a time for the parents to play too, LET ME KNOW!”

Judy A.

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